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Loading jsnlog.js

Various options to load the jsnlog.js library


AMDLoading jsnlog.js as an AMD module
BrowserifyLoading jsnlog.js with Browserify
BundlesLoading jsnlog.js using bundles
Free CDNLoading jsnlog.js from a free CDN
CommonJSLoading jsnlog.js as a CommonJS module
ES6Loading jsnlog.js as an ES6 module
Script tagUsing a script tag to load jsnlog.js
SystemJSLoading jsnlog.js with SystemJS


This section provides examples of common ways to load the jsnlog.js library into the browser.

If your favorite way of loading JavaScript is not listed here, please remember that jsnlog.js behaves like any other AMD module / CommonJS module / plain JavaScript file. So it probably works fine with your loader too.