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Adding request headersAdding request headers to log requests
AJAX error handlingLogging AJAX issues, including timeouts, errors and delays.
Angular 2+ logging to the serverLogging JavaScript exceptions to the server in Angular 2+ applications.
AngularJs Error HandlingLogging JavaScript exceptions and AJAX issues to the server in AngularJs applications.
Console logReplacing console.log with JSNLog JavaScript loggers
Content Security Policy (CSP)Content Security Policy compliance
Sending log requests to a non default URL (CORS)Correlating JavaScript and server side log messages with request ids.
Logging cyclic referencesUsing the serialize option to log objects with cyclic references
Demos and sample codeSimple working sample code
Lost connection handlingHandling losing the connection to the server.
JavaScript Error HandlingLogging uncaught JavaScript errors.
Javascript Try CatchLogging exceptions in a catch block.
Loading jsnlog.jsVarious options to load the jsnlog.js library
Log Message BatchingBatching multiple log messages in one log request to the server.
Log Message FormatFormat of JSON objects containing log messages
Numeric SeveritiesJSNLog's numeric severities.
Obfuscated Script ErrorsPreventing the browser from obfuscating script errors
Using Request IdsCorrelating JavaScript and server side log messages with request ids.
Structured JavaScript LoggingMaking it easier to search and sort JavaScript events.